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FDD not working after install

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      06-12-2004, 02:12 PM

I bought this cheap clone box with no A:drive but it has working
everything else. It works perfectly on win xp, AMD chip, with a
single drive that take in CF/SD/MS/SM cards, and CDRW too. I
installed a known working FDD 1.4m 3.5" correctly in the standard FDD
port on the mother board with proper power connection. I enabled the
FDD in the standard Cmos and it did not work. I changed the boot
sequence to include A: in the advanced bios and it did not work. I do
not even get the standard a: drive light coming on. Windows explorer
does not show the a:. Then I took the new hard drive out and
plugged in my old hard drive. I updated the drivers as needed and now
I can recognize the a: from windows explorer and from an old MSDOS
prompt in win 98. But if I open the a: drive from say word it will
freeze the computer. So I suspect an IRQ problem with some other
device or??? Can anyone help me? I do not know how to resolve IRQ
conflicts on my new hard drive with win xp installed. I did not see an
IRQ section in the BIOS.

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