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fs used hp 9000 gear cheap!!

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      07-18-2003, 01:20 AM
i have no real idea what i have here.. but i recovered this system
from a business that failed..
i sold the pc's and what i have left is to me wierd.. you guys( and
may be able to figure it out..

the box had this product number on it..: A2436A
and inside of it was 8 32Meg memory modules 6 are A2511-60001 2 are

those list for $79.00 new/referb.... i have no idea how to test them
... so they are $20.00 each as is.. take them all...
also the proc board a PA-RISC .. part number A1703-60077 ... i/ve seen
prices of 1200.00 but that is with 100 user licence.. i have no
software or licence.. and don't really know if it works... so $50.00
takes it away...

it also has an A1703-60003 something or such. console interface.. i
assume it is serial with network scsi and modem ports... survey says
that they go for some where in the neighborhood of $100.00... so mine
goes for $25.00 ...

i have 2 j2092a serial mux cards too in the same condition $25.00

now just to remind you..
all parts are untested removed from equipment and are without
i ship via ups or fedex in packages using least cost methods.. all
parts will be placed in static bags and padded ( i'm a former
semiconductor engineer so i really understand about static..)
it is understood that you will pay for shipping on these items..
i do not accept visa or any other credit cards so we will negotiate
proper payment ( check or cod or western union... or something

e-mail me for details...
only really interested parties though..
i'm not a business i'm just a simple dolt.. an individule....trying to
clean out his garage.
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      06-03-2008, 12:00 AM
Please contact me regarding these parts, I would like to purchase them from you.

Steve Ternes
GLE Services
(E-Mail Removed)
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