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FYI: Processor Upgrade 6BTM 0

Holger Scharf
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      09-27-2004, 10:37 PM
Hi out there,

if someone is thinking about to upgrade his 6BTM and has the "old" version
with the PWM IC "HIP6004ACB" which will only work with Slot 1 Katmai (up to
600 Mhz) and not with Slot1 Coppermine since the board has a min. voltage of
1.8V, here's a way how to speed up your board:

Upgrading with a Slot1 Processor: the fastest one is indeed a PIII
600Mhz/100FSB/2.0V Katmai
But if you use an Slot1 to Socket 370 Adapter (I'm using a MSI 6905 Master V
2.3), a Socket 370 PIII 850Mhz/100FSB/1.7V (or the 1.75V version) will work!
First, upgrade you BIOS to the newest version 08/17/2000. This one can be
found on the Chaintech Website.
As the board has a minimum voltage of 1.8V, just set the voltage jumpers of
the MSI 6905 Master to 1.8V. The PIII will work without a problem!
I testet also a Celeron 800/100FSB/1.7V - works also fine! The higher
voltage of 0.1V will not result in a temperature problem: Temperature of
both CPUs will not be critical high, about 30C with normal usage of the PC
(working with MS Office, Internet, etc.).

This solution should also work with other Slot1-boards than the 6BTM

Hope, this will help someone out there!


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