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G400 DH + RR G series: only work (and display) on first monitor.

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      11-20-2005, 10:53 AM
TV tuner work ok.
When I choice "single head",it works great.
When I enable "dual head",it works great.
When I choice also "extend desktop on secondary monitor" rrgserie fails:
video tool sais "hardware not found, try lower resolution or try lower
color depth" ..but, but, I'm already at 800*600*16bit !!!
Overlay window stay black, but I can hear sound.
Curiously: I start video tool in dual head mode without seconday monitor
extended desktop enable and it works. I extend desktop and first time it
works (but I can't move overlay window on secondary monitor, due to black
overlay), close it, open it and second time it sais "hardware not found,

I used g400 with TV RR times ago (2001) and all worked great, with overlay
on both monitors.
I'va always the same O.S. windows 98se unofficial service pack 2.02.
P3 1000, 512 MB, asus mainboard w/ via chipset.
Now that I want to use again them with combination of driver and videotool
do I have to use?

Is it possibile DirectX 8.1 incompatibility? (maybe overlay use it!)

vt 155 & pdesk 6.28.017: fail

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