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Gateway Laptop MX6442 Motherboard Application Question

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      09-04-2009, 11:28 PM
I am looking for someone who understands Laptop motherboards. I am doing a project that involves laptop components, in other words, I am taking all the components out of an existing laptop and putting them in another box. I am only using the Motherboard and LCD screen. (Not using the keyboard, cd drive and some other non essential items). I designed and manufactured a case and installed all the components in this case and everything went great, however, now the system will not power up. I am wondering if the motherboard will need some special grounding as it came out of a laptop. I tested the power brick and it is good and when I first plug it up and push the switch a front panel blue light flashes quickly and then does nothing else. No sounds or any signs of powering up. I do know that some of these boards have a trick to getting them to power up; Iím just not sure about this one (I have in the back of my mind that the motherboard may not be good, but want to make sure it is not something else first) . This is a Gateway MX6442 System. Would anyone know what may be a solution to this situation?
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