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Gateway MX 6440 Laptop question...

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      08-11-2012, 09:23 PM
.... if anyone still checks in.

I'm wondering if a USB WIFI N adapter will work with this laptop? I have a new Netgear 3800 router which works great
with everything but this 2.4/b/g laptop. What do I have to know or check... to be sure one of these would work?

WPA2 is the security used in my router and people keep telling me that might be a problem, although it wasn't with my
old Linksys router. I think it has to do with the new increased speeds, and this laptop is the weakest link, which
gets dropped when traffic is busy? Am I wrong?

Also, the router has a "Clear Channel" feature which switches the router channels when things get congested, and they
advise that some slower devices might lose connections when that happens. I don't want to switch this off... if I can
find any other solution.

TIA... for any responses. I've already posted in the Netgear forum [yesterday] for advice.
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