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Gateway Solo 9550 - bios problem

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      09-17-2007, 06:15 PM

Hi all,
I made the mistake of upgrading the bios on this laptop and now the box
is dead.
I know the bios has the boot-block recovery built-in and on a boot
attempt the box will try to read the floppy disk looking for a valid
bios image file to restore. The problem is that Gateway no longer has
the bios files in raw for on their site, either www or ftp.

I need someone out there that has a booting machine to come up on a dos
disk and run a bios image utility, like the one I use Uniflash, to make
a backup of the bios in a file so I can get this box back up again.

Gateway of course wants me to send the box to them so they can charge
me $300 to do it for me, they will not give me the files and the only
other solution is to replace the motherboard, kinda like thorwing away
the car and getting a new one because you have a dead battery.

I would appreicate any help.

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