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HC16z1 problem
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      02-12-2007, 08:57 PM

I have a freedom 16 mite v2 Hc16 controller working with a
development board. I write to a memory addressed by CS2 and the chip
select pin does not go low and as a result i am not getting an output
on my data pins D[15,8].

The codes i wrote are

/*Function name: setpolc*/

void setpolc(int cell,int value)
poke(DACBASE, cell,value); //writing voltage to DAC
delay(400); //allow the cell to settle to the new value

/* Function name: ioboard_init
Purpose: Initialize custom I/O board


void ioboard_init(void)

unsigned int reg=0; // Local variables

poke(REG_PG, PEPAR, 0); // All port E pins belong
to E port (no bus ctl)
poke(REG_PG, DDRE, 0); // All port E pins are

reg=peekw(REG_PG, CSPAR0); // Get current value of
CSPAR0 register
reg=reg & 0xFC3F; // Clear bits 6-9 (function
of CS2 and CS3 pins)
reg=reg | 0x0280; // Set CS2 and CS3 as 8-bit
chip selects
pokew(REG_PG, CSPAR0, reg); // Write new value to

pokew(REG_PG, CSBAR2, 0x0400); // CS2 will access 2 KB of
memory at $4:0000
pokew(REG_PG, CSBAR3, 0x0500); // CS3 will access 2 KB of
memory at $5:0000
pokew(REG_PG, CSOR2, 0x5070); // CS2 & CS3 memory
pokew(REG_PG, CSOR3, 0x5070); // (see interface


I dont see the chip selects going low. And the blink all.c demo
program has no effect on cs2 pin

Help in this matter will be very much appreciated

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