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help with new DFI975x MB

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      08-19-2006, 04:50 PM
Just got this with other new parts. Upgrading from an AGP setup.
2x1gb OCZ DDR2 Gold 800
Connect3D x1900GT
Ultra 600watt PSU
Intel Pentium D940.

Below is my case drives which I have had for 2 years.
1xWD 32GB Raptor
1XSeagate 200GB,
Liteon CDR/W

I spent over four fustrating hours until I gave up. I put it all together
but always the same result. The new parts power up. The CPU fan spins, the
Video Card fan spins and lights up and the MB lights up yet no video.
Normally that would be a sign of something not seated correctly. Everything
locked down.

No change.

Now here is the weird thing, my old agp setup (ECS p4m800pro-m. Not a
great board but did the job) which I took apart (Pentium D940) and worked
perfectly. Well I put that back into my case and now that doesn`t work.
Yet I have been using that for 3 months straight.

To me it sounds something is 'grounded' or the new PSU is not delivering
enough power. Both of which I know nothing as to how to check. I had to
change PSU because my old Enermax 530w is only a 20pin,

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