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Help with Q6600 OC'ing

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      02-03-2008, 08:04 PM
So I just finished some overclocking now, and I can boot into Windows at 3005.9GHz. Problem is, that's my BIOS settings at 334 x9. CPU-Z shows my multiplier at x6 and it switches between x6 and x9 at least 2-4 times a minute. What's up with that? I've disabled any power saving features in my BIOS that might be doing that. I am so confused. Also, when I went into my bios, it shows my memory frequency at 800MHz instead of 1066. What the hell am I doing wrong?

Also, my System settings from the Control Panel show me at 3.01GHz. So I don't know if CPU-Z is messing up or what. Any help is appreciated.

Reading up on other forums is making me think I have C1E or IEST enabled. I know I have C1E disabled, but in my BIOS I didn't see ANYthing relating to Intel's Enhanced Speedstep Technology.
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