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Help Reflashing Cisco / Aironet Boot Block
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      05-18-2004, 06:27 PM
Having exhausted every avenue at Cisco, I am turning to the Usenet
groups for help.

We use the Cisco / Aironet 4800 WLAN adapter cards (PC4800 or LM4800)
in one of our products. When we started back in 2000, the interface
supported ISA. Over time the interface migrated to pure PCMCIA and
the ISA interface became obsolete. The ISA interface was implemented
in the boot block firmware (version 1.27/ISA) and we were able to get
the cards reflashed by someone at Cisco so we could continue to use
them. Our contact at Cisco can no longer reflash the boot block
firmware for us. We asked for the capability to reflash them
ourselves but our request was turned down. As the supply of cards in
our stock room dwindles we are faced with two options, figure out how
to reflash the cards ourselves or redesign our hardware to support the
PCMCIA interface. In order to avoid a costly and time consuming
design cycle, we would like to be able to reflash the cards ourselves.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Also, the 4800 has become obsolete, will the 350 still work if
reflashed with an ISA Boot Block?

Thank you.
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