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Hey Bill, SS454 !

Robert E. Watts
Posts: n/a
      02-04-2007, 05:17 PM
Hello Bill !

I have been thinking about your PB Spectria. I'm probably going to have to
find one for my PB collection. Got any leads ?

I have been trying to find out information on the thing, and it's extremely
scarce and hard to find ANY.

Do you have any other links concerning this PB model ? I see that you have
a PB Spectria 200. I have found various models, including a 300 model, and a
model with a 486 CPU.

Do you have any online pages? Have you taken any pictures of your machine ?
You can email them to me if you would like to, I'll provide my email address
at a later date if you are interested. ( I hate these spambots, they are
pretty good now. )

By the way, I have a Packard Bell Corner Computer coming, should be here
Tuesday or so. I'm pretty sure it's in excellent condition, and I'm pretty
anxious to see it. I have waited a long time to find one, and it wasn't
cheap. :-)


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