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Hmonitor is released!

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      09-17-2003, 11:13 AM
New release of hardware monitoring utility with thermocontrol features is available!

Changes are:
Hmonitor (September 2003)

... VIA VT1211 sensor chip support added;
... VIA Epia-M mainboard support verified;
... VIA KT600 chipset support added;
... VIA KM266, KT400, KT600 LowPowerMode support added;
... On Semiconductor MC1066 sensor chip support added;
... Gigabyte ga7-vt600-L (VIA KT600 based board) support verified;
... Asus Mozart chip support enhanced;
... ASUS A7VC mainboard support verified;
... NS PC97366 sensor chip support added (except voltages);
... AMD AMD8111 southbridge support added;
... RIOWORKS HDAMB (dual AMD Opteron/Athlon64 board) support verified;
... EliteGroup L7VMM2 support verified;
... NS PC875xx embedded controller support added;
... HP OmniBook XE3 notebook support verified;
... Sony Vaio GRS150, FX340 notebooks support verified;
... HDD temperatures monitoring: warnings are disabled by default;
... HDD parameters added into Temperatures tab in Settings window.

Alexander Berezkin, the author.
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