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HP LP2475w TFT monitor, any experiences?

Patrick Vervoorn
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      09-02-2008, 07:52 AM

Hi there,

I'm seriously considering buying the (new) HP LP2475w 24" Widescreen TFT
monitor. The feature set looks good: S-IPS panel, 2 x DVI-I, 1 x HDMI, 1 x
DisplayPort and a set of analog inputs. However, due to it 'new-ness' I
haven't found many reviews. Only 1 Dutch magazine did a generic test of a
bunch of TFTs and found it rather unremarkable.

Does anyone here have any other pointer to info? I am currently following
the info emerging on, and [H]ardforum also has a thread
running about it. While these forums contain a lot of interesting
first-hand experiences, not all questions are answered. Apparently the
biggest gripe people have are the fact that the 2475w is a so-called
'Wide-Gamut' monitor, but it's sRGB mode is apparently not exactly the
'classic' mode it should be.

Beyond that, I haven't found any hard numbers with regard to it's response
time; HP claims it has 12ms rise+fall time, and 6ms (grey-to-grey). Input
lag seems to be around 1.5 frames.

Anyone here have any experience with it yet?

Regards, Patrick.
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