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HP Pavilion 8280 Locks ups on Start-Ups and Shut-Downs. ARRRRGGGHHHHH !!!

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      06-09-2004, 02:07 AM
Hi All,

Having trouble with booting up an HP Pavilion 8280 after updating the
BIOS from their Web site. (Actually I'm struggling with boot up
problems with two HPs as I'm also working on a 8140 with similar

The 8280 goes through the earliest stages of the self-test on bootup
with the keyboard and harddrive lights blinking but then hangs without
sending a video signal to the monitor.

If I just leave it alone it will eventually boot but we're talking
letting it sit for over an hour !

If I use the 'Restart' option it will boot normally. However, if I use
the 'Shutdown' option or power it down I get this long boot cr@p.

Very frustrating.

Have unplugged everything but the one harddrive so there's no CD-ROMs
or network cable plugged in.

I suspect both PCs are having I/O issues and have a PCI IDE Controller
Card in the mail hoping it might help. Replaced the Power Supply on
one of them but that didn't helped.

At one point when I had it running, I checked the Device Manager and
discovered that there were many instances of most of the devices
listed. For example; there were 5 keyboards, 7 harddrives, numerous
system timers, etc.

The system was working pretty good (but not perfect) after I deleted
all the Devices and let the machine reinstall them on the next boot.

I upgraded the Audio, Graphics, and Modem drivers and things were
still working pretty well until I finally did the BIOS upgrade.

There's much more but that's another day ...

If anyone has seen this type of problem and knows how to resolve I'd
really appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks !

Jay Perez
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