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HP Procurve 740wl owners be aware!!!! (or is that afraid ?)
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      08-24-2007, 12:45 AM
The HP Procurve 740wl has a relatively low end HDD in it storing
everything, not a big deal in its self. EXCEPT, HP will not replace
the HDD, HP's only solution is to replace the whole unit. At a cost
well over 4 grand. The HDD is a 30G Maxtor Fireball, ie. a cheap part
that would cost less then 100. And that is the only problem we have

While I can not test it. I would imagine cloning the HDD as precaution
in case of a failure would save you several thousand dollars.

RAW mode Ghost would probably do the trick. As would using the "dd"
command on a linux box.
eg. dd if=/dev/source of=/dev/destination

That said they may have some funky HDD serial based encryption going

(Also the 740 is only covered by a 12 month warranty).

This probably also applies to HP Procurve 760wl, I am unsure if this
is also the case with the HP Procurve 745wl.

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