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IBM Aptiva 2178-840 MB = ATX or not

Kjeld Olesen
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      02-09-2005, 10:08 AM

Does anybody know whether the motherboard in an IBM Aptiva 2178-840 is ATX
form factor or LPX form factor?

Kjeld Olesen

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Tom Goodman
Posts: n/a
      02-19-2005, 09:39 PM
Kjeld Olesen wrote:
> Hi
> Does anybody know whether the motherboard in an IBM Aptiva 2178-840 is ATX
> form factor or LPX form factor?
> Kjeld Olesen

IBM knows, and if you go to their support site and search by the model
you should be able to download the tech docs including manuals with mb
spec and drawings.
I own and run XP Pro and SuSe Linux 9.2 pro on an old Aptiva 2176/392.
It has an LPX board with riser.
Just for interest, I've upgradedit to AMD K6 III 450MHZ running at
400MHZ with a powerleap adaptor. I've upped it to 128MB ram and an LG
DVD writer. Nero runs ok and it manages to write DVD's successfully.

Booting into SuSe via GRUB (on a second 8GB drive) everything runs quite
well except that the ATI Rsge pro chip is not supported, so no 3d

I did an ftp install of SuSE from and it went as smoothly
as silk.
My next plan is to kick out the Suse drive and stick in a blank 40GB rom
anothe rmachine, having upgraded XP pro SP1 with the seagate patch for
large drives, then use the Seagate diskwizard to transfer XP and all
files to to 40 GB. Stick in the 40 as drive 1, boot up and put in
another 40GB to replace the measly 8GB Suse, then reinstall SuSe by FTP.

I'll then have twin 40GB drives dual booting into XP Pro and SuSe 9.2 pro.

There is plenty of life in the old machine yet. SuSE even plays video
files using Kaffeine in SuSE with the advantage that SuSe 9.2 now
includes support for the old Aureal vortex soundcard which I found in a
skip. I kicked out the mwave adaptor because Linux has no support for
it, though XP Pro recognises it just fine.

Best wishes

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