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IBM T43- The Final Solution

Angelo Campanella
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      09-11-2011, 04:32 AM
Dear All:

My past posts here have dealt with my aging T43 (5+ years): First I had
trouble with the CD bay popping out (fastened shut with packing tape). Then
keys popped off, almost lost, tabs broke on 4 or 5 of them, taped back in
place. Then various speeds and RAM problems (outside RAM 1 gig hardly ever
mounted after a while). Then the screen went dead, so I bought two outboard
flat screens (big for desk, small for travel, darn nuisance). Finally last
week the task bar disappeared and the mouse arrow often disappeared down or
right. Called a local PC guru and he swore he'd fix it in a jiffy, bad
screen. He bought and installed screen, no difference. But now it won't
start past a few windows screens. He ordered a used exact replacement
(T43/2668-76U), only to find it unavailable.

FINAL SOLUTION: He trolled locally to locate a surplussed (bad economy)
T43/2668-76U. He swapped in my old battery and hard drive, hunted down a
driver for the new wireless card, and now I'm back in business. The frame of
this T43 is essentially new; all keys are present, CD tray obediently stays
shut, 2 gigs RAM comes up OK, task bar returned, screen is good.

There is a Santa Claus!

Last comment: The T43 seems to have a good reputation in the used market. I
can certainly vouch for it!

Angelo Campanella

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