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Installing MySQL on Snow Leopard

JF Mezei
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      05-03-2012, 09:15 PM
This is just to document what appears to be my succesfull installation
of MYSQL 5.5 on Snow Leopard (server) (which came with 5.0 something)

You unpack the kit into a version specific directory.

create the symbolic link /usr/local/mysql pointing to it.

I edited the /etc/paths file to add /usr/local/mysql to it.

I did NOT install the preference pane, deciding to stay with the launchd

I removed "mysql" service from the Server Admin tool. It insists on
overwriting the launchdeamon plist.

I edited the /system/library/launchdeamons/org.mysql.mysqld.plist to
have the server point from /usr/libexec/mysqld to /usr/local/mysql/mysqld

did not change other parameters in the plist.

I copied the man pages:

cp /usr/local/mysql/man/man1/*.* /usr/share/man/man1
cp /usr/local/mysql/man/man5/*.* /usr/share/man/man5

Removing the Apple provided mysql:

I created an oldmysql directory in /usr. Under it, a bin , share and
libexec subdirectories.

moved mysql*.* from /usr/bin to /usr/oldmysql/bin
moved mysql from /usr/share to /usr/oldmysql/share (this is a directory
being moved)
moved /usr/libexec/mysqld to /usr/oldmysql/libexec

This way, I could restore the files if necessary.

Note: some parameters in the /etc/my.cnf are no longer valid

You can reboot the machine, or use launchtl to unload and reload the
..plis and restart the software and then check
/var/mysql/mysql_service.log for the error causing the abort or just the

Before uncommenting any of the innoDB parameters, read carefully. The
Apple provided file has some paraeters that don't exist anymore and some
which will cause conflicts because of existing files not being the same

PHP's interface to mysql appears unchanged. I assume that it was linked
with the mysql stuff embedded as opposed to using external libraries.
Need to do a bit more research on this.
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