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Keyboard emulator (USB to PC/AT 5-pin DIN keyboard interface)

Francois PIETTE
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      12-13-2010, 05:11 PM

I need an interface between two PC. One side of the interface is USB, the
other side is PC/AT 5-pin DIN keyboard interface). The aaim is for the first
PC (the one with USB interface) to control the second PC thru is standard
keyboard interface. Actually this second PC is an industrial equipment which
is a completely closed product. That's why control is only possible thru the
keyboard interface as if the user has typed commands on the keyboard.

The USB side could be seen as a serial port. Sending data to this pseudo
serial port would result in sending scan code to the other side of the
interface. Reading the serial port would read the commands sent to the
keyboard (those to turn on or off the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock

As far as I know, 5-pin DIN connector and PS/2 use the same electrical and
protocol. The difference is only in the connector itself. Can someone
confirm this ?

Any idea about such a product ?

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