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what kind of system is needed for converting video files and DVD burning

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      10-03-2006, 03:42 PM

I want to buy a new computer and I want to use it for working with vide
files. Converting DVD to avi, mpeg, etc., and vice versa (convertin
avi, mpeg to DVD). Plus I want to burn DVDs with these files. I want t
know what type of system I need. How fast a processor, how much RAM, ho
much hard drive space, etc. The current laptop I have (1.8 processor
512 RAM and 60gig HD) is very slow and takes hours to convert files.
also want to know if I need to get a desktop to work effectively wit
video, or if I can still get away with a laptop. My old laptop is a
IBM thinkpad but I know IBM no longer makes them. Is Lenovo's produc
as good as the old IBM product, or should I consider a Dell?

I have both Nero and Roxio. Is there a better (as in faster) softwar
package out there to do this stuff?

And one more question, I have a D-Link DSM-320RD media player. I hav
noticed it will play some avi files and not others. A freind gave me
DVD with 3 avi files and I had no problem playing them. When I trie
using either Roxio or Nero to convert a DVD into avi and the
subsequently burned the avi files onto a DVD, the player woudl not rea
them. Also some avi files I downloaded from the internet would not pla
in the DSM player either. Does anyone know if there is a special typ
of avi file that this player requires

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