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KT333 System worked. Now it wont post.

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      02-23-2005, 05:17 AM
I have SOYO KT333 system that has been working for over a year. I
turned it off and went on a 4 day vacation and came back and when I
power it up it doesn't post or beep, no video or anything. I've tried
all the obvious stuff, reseating the RAM, reseting the cmos, all
cables are fine. The fans all come on and work. Everything seems to
be getting power.

The day before I left the computer froze about 3 times, which it never
has done before. I suppose this could have been a sign of something
going bad? CPU, MB, RAM??

When I power up, the HD light on the front of the case comes on
constantly. The CD-R and DVD drives whir, light up green and then

Since it wont post I get no diagnostics or anything.

I'm just hoping someone can point me inthe right direct to figure out
how to diagnose the problem and fix it. Right now I've no place to

Thanks for your help.


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