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KT600-A & Win98SE

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      12-17-2005, 04:58 PM
I've built a system using the ECS KT600A motherboard XP2500 CPU, and Win98SE
(that's what he wanted) for my brother in law, and all is okay except one
item. The keyboard has multimedia functions which work fine, Internet
functions which also work fine, and power management functions (shutdown,
sleep, and wake) which do not work fine. For some reason both the "Power"
and "Sleep" keys cause the system to go into Standby mode. I want the Power
key to cause the system to shutdown just like when I press the power button
on the case.

I've checked the Power management area of Win98SE and it makes no difference
whether I have it set to "standby" or "shutdown", the results are the same.

I've looked for some sort of configuration file, and the one I've found
seems to contain information for the on-screen display. The keyboard is an
el-cheapo generic brand (no name on the box) that uses a Mediakey driver

Anyway, it's been a long time since I've dealt with Win98SE, but is there a
fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

Paul Nixon

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