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KT7A - how far can I push it?

David McClelland
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      08-17-2003, 02:39 PM
Hi All,

Yes, I *know* from searching this group that this has been covered
lots of times, but I seem to be getting different and often
contradictory information depending upon which post I read, so:

KT7A Revision 1.3 mobo, unmodified, currently running a Duron 1300.

I would *love* to get more bang for my buck, so would like to push
this as far as I sensibly can.

I see XP2200+ processors for sale very reasonably now - will they
work? Any caveats or mods needed to get one them to work? Will an
XP2400+ work? Is/has anyone done this?

Many, many thanks for your help )

Sleepy Dave O
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