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L4VXA2 motherboard w/Celeron 2.5ghz will not go past memory check

Robert Marshall
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      01-02-2004, 09:07 AM
Hi all,

Recently I purchased a new motherboard from Fry's Electronics, and today
finally got around to installing it. Its an ECS (Elitegroup) L4VXA2
(v1.0C). Its coupled with a Celeron 2.5ghz CPU and I've put in 1 stick
of 512mb PC3200 memory. It is sitting in DIMM slot 1.

When I turn the computer on the monitor doesn't immediately show
anything on the screen, but when it does come up here is what I get:
L4VXA2 Ver :1.1D 10/01/2003

Main Processor : Intel Celeron(R) 2.50GHz
Memory Testing : 524288K OK

<snipped many lines of blank space>

Press DEL to enter SETUP
That's all! It doesn't go beyond that to show any cache. Additionally,
if I try hitting the DEL key to get into the BIOS, nothing happens. My
keyboard definately works, and is hooked directly up to the PC, plus
I've tested it on another computer.

One thing I noticed in reading the manual is that its says "Note: We do
not guarantee that all DDR 400 memory modules will work properly with
your mainboard." The sales rep was emphatic that I should buy the
Corsair memory 512MB PC3200 memory so that I could opearate at the
highest speed bus. Currently, I have the board jumpered as "auto" on the
CPU frequency. The other option is 533mhz, if that has anything to do
with it.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the L4VXA2 motherboard? If
so, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.

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Location: Houston, TX - USA
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      12-26-2006, 11:55 AM
I know it's been a while since anyone was on this thread - but has anyone figured out a fix for the L4VXA2 freezing? My computer (P4 2 GHz - 1.2GB PC2100 RAM) was running fine - then during a power outage my APC UPS performed a nominal/controlled shutdown of WinXP as it was supposed to - and now my computer won't boot. When power was back I pushed the power button and my computer got as far as trying to print "MEMORY TESTING" and froze after only being able to spit out "MEM". I'm at a loss. This is the 2nd time this has happened. The first time it magically solved itself when I was unplugging my drives, cycling my RAM (PC 2100) sticks and cursing at the thing. I've tried everything I had done last time - but no magic this time - just a screen showing a frozen computer. Does anyone have a fix for this besides getting a new motherboard?
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