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L7VTA Rev. 1.0

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      10-11-2007, 09:32 AM

L7VTA Rev. 1.0

press the start button and the fans run for a few seconds then stop
press the start button again and nothing happens
switch off the power at the mains for a few seconds switch back on
press start button and the fans run for a few seconds and stop as

When connecting power to the pc there is no indication that there is
power going to
the motherboard untill the start button is pressed then the red led
light comes on
and stays on even after the fans stop

To try to find the fault I have done the following in this order
Fitted new psu
Changed the Graphic card for a known working one
Removed all pci cards
Disconnected all hard discs cdroms and floppy drive
Tried 2 other known good CPUs
Tried different memory
Tested memory with memtest
Tried a different PSU
Reset cmos and changed battery
To make sure the motherboard was not shorting on the case
I removed it and carried out the test on the bench with the same
I tried the Graphic card,CPU,PSUand Memory in another pc and they work
Have examined the motherboard for blown capacitators etc. and all
looks ok

any suggestions on the cause and possible rectification would be


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