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Lenovo G550 audio

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      07-30-2010, 02:03 PM
Has anyone else got one of these Lenovo G550's? Mine chugs along nicely
on its single core Celeron but........

1. Why, on a machine with built in camera, put the mic so close to the
HD and fan in the main body of the machine and thus, like my recent
Acer, make it useless?

2. I'm surprised that Lenovo seem to have hardware-disabled the Stereo
Mix option in the recording Control panel. I know the right-click on
space trick in this panel, but nothing shows up either with the default
Win7 drivers or the Connexant "Smart" (what is this?) driver from

I can work around the problems, I believe, but it looks as though Lenovo
have lost the plot and succumbed to the DRM police. I'd be interested to
know if anyone else has one of these machines and can confirm that mine
isn't broken.

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