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Looking for Indutrial Temperature ATX 2 PSU

Anton Erasmus
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      02-27-2008, 08:21 PM

I am currently busy with a product where we are using an embedded x86
PC for the first time. It is a CPU card which plugs into a passive
back plane. All the power connectors are the same as for a standard
ATX motherboard. We require an operating temperature range of -20 deg
C to 50 deg C. We also require a smaller form factor than the normal
ATX 2 PSUs available for standard PCs. I have been googling, but it is
like trying to find a stainless steel needle in a stack of steel
needles. The PSU must have anough power to drive a Core Duo CPU Card
together with a laptop HD and 3 full length PCI A/D cards.

Anton Erasmus
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