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Looking for telephone software

Postman Delivers
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      09-30-2006, 10:04 PM
I have an older gateway computer, and I want to set it up to record the
phone numbers that call a particular phone number, then e-mail that
list of phone numbers to an e-mail address.

My mother has moved in with me, and she has had her phone number since
1951 and has many friend that still call her on occasion.

I can have remote forwarding at $15 a month, but their is a minimum 8
cent or greater toll charge per minute on these phone calls if they are
forwarded. Trouble is the telemarketing, blocked or released numbers
calling from India, or Korea that will cost a fortune doing a remote
forwarding, since this will be an out-of-state situation.

If I place her phone number in a friend home still living in that city.
Then run sometype of software in an attached computer so she can have
the phone line for $5 a month. The computer doing the answering and
then e-mailing the caller ID listing would be far less expensive that
remote forwarding costs.

Or is better technology available and I would be re-inventing the wheel
again, or should I set this up as a Cell phone or a 6 month message she
has moved?


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