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Loss of sound in win98se after upgrading

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      07-07-2003, 12:56 PM
Hi, I recently upgraded my computer with a 2400+ athlon and the ASroc
K7S8X motehrboars. I have 256mb ram and Windows 98 second edition.
After installing the sound drivers, i can get CD's to play but no
sound from within windows. When i goto control panel - multimedia- the
audio page is greyed out. Under multimedia devices in the audio and
midi sections the driver is lited but has "driver enabled but
Have also tried disabling onboard sound and then using a soundblaster
live card again same problem. Though the creative diagnostics toll
passes the hardware but fails all the drivers even though they all
appear to have been installed ok?
Have also installed clean os each time.
As a side note while playing about in desperation I went to the
hardware installed the Microsoft kernal audio mixer and kernal system
rendere and the another microsoft kernal driver and this caused the
recording part of control panel - multimedia -audio to become
ungreyed and listed the sound device. So not sure wether it is a
microsoft or motherboard or sound driver problem?
Any help appreciated
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