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M2N-E Raid problem

John Carter
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      12-17-2009, 11:13 PM
Just booted up my M2N-E system and strange red blinking message in
RAID initialization popped up.

2 WD 250 GB SATA drives in Raid-1 array is Drive C:
2 Maxtor 320 GB drives in Raid-1 array as Drive D:
1 WD Raptor 85 Gb drive standalone as E:.

WHen I booted up, I got the C drive OK and what appeared to be the D
drive, and the E drive, but a new Drive G: popped up I had never seen
before. Inspection of G: showed it to have the SAME files as on D:.
I then re-booted, pressed F10 and the Raid utility popped up as
Instead of 2 arrays, it showed C: as OK, D: and G: as degraded.(the
display did not have C:, D: or G: - it showed the appropriate volumes
- I used the singlew letters for brevity).

At this point, I highlightes the first degraded array (D and looked
ata the details. Ignorant of what to look for, I didn't know what to
look for, but at the bottom, I could choose to R- Rebuild the array.
I did so, but nothing. I then looked at the details of the other
degraded array (G - same thing- tried R - rebuild, but nothing.

Since I had booted sussceesfully before, decided to check the
differences between the two drives. D: had 5 more files than G: -
both at 147 mb. At this point I got a portable USB drive, n mounted
it and proceeded to backup the D; drive, since it presumablu had more
data than G:.

I now have a backup of the drive, but have done nothing since If you
don't know anything about it, leave it alone until you do. I have
refrained from writing on either drive to try to maintain status quo
until I know how to proceed.

I would like to know of anyone who experienced this and what you did
about it, or can someone direct me to a place where I can find a

Thanks for any and all replies.

John Carter
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