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Main Parts Of A Computer

Fazly Mohamed
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      02-23-2004, 04:25 AM
Main Parts Of A Computer

Processor (CPU) - The part of the computer that handles all processes
and instructions supplied by memory unit (RAM)

Memory (RAM) - Random Accessed Memory. The area of the computer that
holds the instructions (processes) and information system gives it.
When you turn the computer off, everything in RAM disappears.

Read Only Memory (ROM) - A chip or disk that holds information that
cannot be changed. Ex CD-ROM, DVD-ROM

Disk drive - A mechanical device that you use to transfer information
back and forth between the computer's memory and a disk.

Floppy disk (3.5") - A magnetically coated disk on which information
can be stored and retrieved. Capacity is 1.44MB - requires a

Zip disk - A magnetically removable coated disk on which information
can be stored and retrieved. Capacity is 100 or 250MB or more -
requires a zip-drive

Hard disk - A large capacity storage area that offers access to store
and retrieve information, very slow compare to RAM.

Monitor - A screen that displays the information in the computer.

Keyboard - A device used to enter data and issue commands to the

Printer or Scanner - A devices that help to make hard copies o scan
documents into the computer.

Mouse - A small, hand-held device used to control the pointer on the

Software - Instructions that tell your computer how to perform a task.
Software is stored on the disks in program files. Software cannot be
seen or touched. There are two main kinds of software:
* application software and
* system software

Application software (program) - Software that does specific task,
such as word processing. (Word, Power Point)

System software - Software that the computer system or OS operating

Firmware - A kind of system software - instructions that are built
into the
computer system on ROM chips.

Operating System (OS) - software that acts as a link between you,
application software (programs), and hardware. (Windows 98, Mac OS 9,
Linux 7.2)

Graphical User Interface (GUI) - A phrase that is commonly used to
describe Microsoft Windows and other OS that use pictures to help you
communicate with the computer.

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