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max RAM for Asus P5E

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      05-27-2008, 05:33 AM
I ma at least a bit out of my territory if not ignorant when coming to match
CPU, RAM and Main boards.

have anyone been able to run E8400 on Asus P5E with 4x2GB DDR2 RAM like he
Kingston's at 800 MHz? or would it just run it at 667mhz?

I am looking a mainboard would at least 6 SATA connection capable of 2
Arrays of Raid 5, preferably with more SATA connection like one E-SATA...
or is there another more reliable board with for Sata connectional and
better memory capacity at DDR2 800MHZ. I like the 800MHZ DDR2 it is cheap
and not bleeding edge. I pick E8400 again because it seem cheap at $219 in
comparison with others while Q93xx and Q94XX seem to be bleeding edge priced

Again P5E was chosen just because it has 6 SATA connection for RAID 5 and
priced around $160 instead of some others at $260. But if I have to, I
will pay the price to be able to get full 8GB at full speed of 800Mhz as
long it does not involve the expensive and not so easy to source DDR-3

P5E also seem to offer some Overclocking ability. ( I only look to OC only
if I get the stability and the RAM running full speed)

your experience sharing is much appreciated

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