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      02-27-2008, 01:20 AM

I am building a new system, and would like some Motherboard
I would like a board that has:
-Supports the latest AMD Non-Phenom Processors without a bios
upgrade (I don't want to have to buy a slower chip, just so I
can flash the bios)
-A Nvidia Chipset, preferably one of the most recent
-Has at least 2 PCI slots
-On board Raid and will support up to 4 drives in non raid mode
-Has a floppy controller
-Has an IDE port for my optical drives
-No SLI or Crossfire needed

I would prefer to have a parallel port and serial port as I have a
serial modem I use for faxing, and an old parallel port zip drive I
use occasionally, but it is by no means absolutely necessary.

Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanx
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