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Milano back on the 'net

Robert E. Watts
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      08-03-2008, 11:50 PM
Hi Gang !

Was looking around the BODADC the other day, and noticed the Milano sitting
forlornly on the shelf. Some of you may remember that last year I
(carefully) fitted the ATX style ( with Packard Bell *looks* ) case with the
latest Intel Pentium III Socket 370 Tualatin board. ( Milano scorching the
'net ). This Milano is Packard Bell's last great looking case, before they
went "clonish" looking, and then left the USA for Europe only. ( I have some
of those later clone looking things. Ugly. )

I removed the board not long after that, 'cause I just didn't like the idea
of the PB case containing a non-PB motherboard.

I had originally planned to install a PB Slot One 440BX board, but when I
tested the board, I found out that it was not a PB board after all. ( didn't
have a PB BIOS, and I'm not too keen on flashing an Intel BIOS with a PB
BIOS, 'cause I don't like the way that PB does BIOS )

So, I got to looking at the original board, and decided that it was going
back in. After all, it is *sort of* rare in it's own way. An original PB
Slot One Intel FX chipset board.

No AGP slot, no DIMM slots, and I haven't tried the two USB ports yet. Be
real surprised if they work, even though I'm using Win98SE. Never know.

It's fittted with 64M of ram, and an old 6.4G drive, and basically put back
to "stock" except for the P II 300 CPU in place of the original 233MHz. Got
all of my PB desktop screens, PB screen savers, and I'm working on the PB
logo for Sysinfo, and the logo.sys, logos.sys files also. ( Thanks met ! )

And for the techies, just for fun ( and it was mildly dumb and possibly
dangerous ) I installed a Celeron 466MHz Socket 370 CPU on a Slotket, and it
actually not only booted, but worked fantastic. Of course the BIOS didn't
recognize the L2 cache, and disabled it, and there is absolutely no hope of
a BIOS upgrade that would recognize a Celeron, but I thought it might be
interesting to try it. Thought someone might find that interesting.

If anyone would have an original PB ATX 440LX or preferably a 440BX board,
with a compatible I/0 shield ( for the Milano ), ring me up at

Just reverse that email. :-)

And of course, I'm still looking for the mythical Pentium 60 tower computer
with the Art Deco case.


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