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? missing hard drive space

Chris Brown
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      03-04-2004, 07:56 AM

Hi All,

this may be an old issue, but have not found any suitable references.

30GB HD PBG3 running 10.3.3

partitioned into 2x15GB

the main partition is HD A (with OS); the Finder reports 12.15 used,
lists only 1.86GB available, capacity 13.97
yet OmniDiscSweeper, in an effort to ID and remove wasted space, reports
only 5.1GB used for the root /
Am I misunderstanding the root?
have run fsck -f at startup, and MacJanitor, with little change.

The second partition figures seem correct.

Am I missing aproximately half my space or mis-interpreting? A pointer
to relevant info would be appreciated

Chris Brown
University of Adelaide

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