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ms-6380e raid bios hanging?

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      07-26-2006, 09:35 AM
Hi all,

Recently aquired an MSI ms-6380e v1.0. Basically it goes POST then once it get's to the "scanning IDE for raid array's", after it scans it states it can not find any arrays (i dont have any installed) and then states "press cntrl-f to go to setup or escape (i think) to continue booting".

Pressing either combination does nothing. Keyboard numlock is functional and so is CNTRL-ALT-DEL. Also before it goes POST i press DEL to eneter setup. I get GO->setup as you would then it goes to the raid scanning. It's like the MOBO is receiving the keyboard signal and confirming by saying it's going to do something then doesnt do it?

Im puzzled

Any help appreciated

Thanks for your time,
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