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MSI-6119 - BIOS Upgrading a Fujitsu T-Bird with a generic BIOS?

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      12-04-2006, 02:48 PM
(Crossposted to a.c.p.m.msi-microstar & m.p.win98.gen_discussion)

A Fujitsu T-Bird (ca 1998-99) computer shows a motherboard with label:
"MS6119 VER:1.1 BX2"
and the current BIOS is:
"W6119F1 V1.3 072998", "02/12/98-i440BX-W977-2A69KM4AC-00"
similar to the (M6119F1 V1.3 072998) and (W6119F1 v1.4 022299) mentioned
here (for a different machine):

The 1.3 and 1.4 version-numbers Fujitsu uses doesn't perfectly line up
timewise with version-numbering that MSI uses for the MS6119 BIOS's they
make available:
(MSI doesn't even have a 1.4) But, MSI have much newer BIOS's (from the
fall of 2000) that supports ACPI and bigger HDD's.

Meanwhile, while 'Fujitsu-Siemens support' do recognize the T-Bird
Serial-(identification-) number, it claims there are nothing to
download. No manual, no drivers, and no updated BIOS .. no nothing.

My concerns:

Can i (Should i) upgrade with a later BIOS from MSI's site to give me
ACPI support (on reinstall), support for bigger HardDiskDrives and
whatever else, or is the Fujitsu MS6119-board somehow modified so that a
flash with a generic BIOS will probably render the board useless?

If the previous owner can ever locate the /Restore CD/ and i have
flashed with a generic BIOS downloaded from MSI, will it no longer be
recognized as a Fujitsu computer by the /Restore CD/ and thus refuse to

(Hopefully i can save-to-file the current BIOS and reflash it back
should i need to, but if anyone have any experiences to relate i am

"Seen a shooting star tonight
and i thought of you."

Please followup in the newsgroup.
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