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My Mobo is dying... I think.
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      06-11-2005, 08:38 PM
I have a homebuilt pc in my garage, with a soyo k7vempro motherboard,
running windows xp. It is a pretty lean machine, with only Sonar
recording software and 2 or 3 other apps installed. (my garage is also
my music studio)

Anyway, sometime this past winter it developed 2 simultaneous

1) It only starts once every so often - I changed power supplies from a
working pc, and replaced the switch in the case (the old one was crappy
anyway), still no change. I can click and click, and it only starts
once out of every bazillion or so clicks. -- once it does start, it
seems to run fine - it has been on now for weeks, for fear of being
unable to turn it back on once it is powered down.

2) It does not shut down all the way - this may be the major tell here
(?) of what is wrong... win xp will shut down, and just about the point
that it used to just peacefully click off, it instead now goes into
this strange idle, black screen, fans running, and the led's on the 2
cd drives flickering sickly on an off. I have to use the psu switch to
turn it off all the way, or it will flicker like that forever.

AND now I have one more fun problem... it stopped seeing the onboard
LAN port. No "network adapters" category is visible at all under the
device manager, and there is just nothin' happening lan-wise

I have NO problem replacing the mobo, not a big deal to toss this one
and start over, but I need to know if it IS in fact un recoverable, and
that a new one would do the trick. More than the cost, it is the effort
to rebuild the darn thing that has me hesitant.

Another Q: If I replace the motherboard, do I have to reinstall
windows, as well as other apps, and basically 'start over'?

Another option, I suppose, is to chalk it up to neglect and abuse - I
am fairly sure the cold/heat extremes are at fault - and replace the
mobo with another just like it. If I can find another K7VEM-PRO - ? -
would I need to reload windows, etc...? I have a ton of custom settings
on this machine that I really do not want to have to recreate!

Thanks in advance for any advice...

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