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My Shuttle SB95P V2

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      02-16-2005, 10:41 AM

I could not find much info on this model when I was shopping, I got
one anyway, and here are the details of my system.

SB95P V2 with 2.8GHz P4, single 1G RAM chip (room for another),
Sapphire ATI X600XT video, DVD ROM, 60G ATA, 2 x WD Raptor 73G SATA in
RAID 0 config (very fast and highly recommended).

That all fit, only just, in the little XPC!

My impression is that "investing" money in the high performace disks
with a MB that supports RAID has really paid off. The slower CPU means
slower top speed...but the fast disk means a faster slow speed. If
that makes sense to you then you know where I'm comming from on
this...consistant performance.

I found the video card to be noisy, so I attached a Zalman VF700 Cu
(after cutting some of the fins to make it fit) and that noise source
is now addressed (18db according to the box it came in).

Next noise source is the fan on the left front, part of the ICE
cooling. When I stop this fan I notice a worth while reduction in I need to replace that...I hear a clicking noise so I think
that the bearing is the primary cause of the noise.

The power supply fan is next after that, I have a feeling that if I
place sound deading material behind the XPC it will stop some noise
reflection from the wall and perhaps this will be better than a new
fan there.

But its not all anti noise...the sound of the big 10K SATA RAID 0
disks doing the hard work is magic!

Lots of fun, well built, worth the effort.

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