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Nature Tech (or NextCom) AC Adapter for the NCM-700 mobile laptop
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      05-12-2012, 04:13 AM
Hi, I have 2 laptops here, I believe are made by Nature Tech, or
NextCom. They are missing hard drive, battery, and AC power supply.
The input is 20V/3A, and has a 3 pin connector. The label says "Power
SPARC Mobile Server" and "NCM-700 series" right below it. The label
says the adapter is 20V, but there is a "19V" label in front of the
adapter socket.

The power supply looks very proprietary and non-standard, and specific
to the Nature Tech./Next Com laptops. The first two pins are longer
than the 3rd pin, which is recessed. The adapter socket is
rectangular shaped, and kind of resembles a mini 3 pin Molex.

I'm not sure if I'll even be able to find an adapter for this. Even
universal laptop adapters don't have the 3-pin rectangular female
connector required.

This is the same laptop as posted here:

I can't even find specs on the power supply. My guess is that the
first two pins are the 20V input, and the 3rd pin is a current or
voltage sensing pin.

Also, it'd be nice to find a hard drive/caddy and battery. The first
priority is obviously to find an AC adapter. I was tempted to rig up
a power supply connector, but decided against it, as it might blow
something up.

I don't see too many people asking questions about the Nature Tech.
laptop. I was also tempted to buy an entire laptop package just to
get the adapter and hard drive.

Looks nice, but too pricy. Laptops like the Nature Tech. are always
very pricey.

Thanks for your help. I don't expect too many to have this. ::-)
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