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Netfinity 5100 floppy problems, error 1962

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      08-11-2006, 05:57 AM
Hello All,

I have a Netfinity 5100 (8658-41Y) that has been offline for about six
months and is now about to be commissioned again.

The problem is that I cannot use the floppy anymore. The SCSI system and the
CD-ROM drive works perfectly but I cannot boot from the floppy: the activity
light goes on for a few seconds and then the machine displays error 1962 as
if there is a non bootable diskette in the drive; but it is bootable. If i
boot a "linux live" CD and then try to mount a floppy it fails.

I have tried to replace the floppy drive with a new one (that I know is OK)
but the problem persists.
Is there some obscure BIOS setting I need to know about regarding the floppy

Has anyone else had this problem? Could something on the motherboard have
blown up?



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