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Netfinity 5500 startup problems.
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      11-24-2006, 01:00 AM

I was given a pair of Netfinity 5500 servers.

Recently I moved one, and now it doesn't start.

For a couple minutes on first startup, one power supply (the one that
still works) would blink it's AC light, then click off with a sound
like a relay closing.

Both power supplies on the back show no lights.

If I swap the power cords for the working one: no change.
If I swap the unlit power supplies for the lit ones in the working
server: One doesn't work.

So I have 3 working supplies, 1 dead one. But none of the working
supplies light up in the dead box.

My suspicion is that either I have blown a fuse internal to the box, or
I have a direct short on the power bus.

1. Does anyone have a hardware maintenance manual (PDF) for a
Netfinity 5500 (8660-61U)

2. Anyone run into this one.

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