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Netfinity 5600: Weird ServeRaid issie

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      02-13-2005, 03:47 PM

I have 2 5600s' that I got at the same time. rebuilt them both so they have
exactly identical setups.

ServeRaid 4M Controller, with battery backup (7.10b FW, Driver, App, etc)
4 x 18G Ultra2 drives, in raid 5EE.
Windows Server 2003, Standard
When I built the first server, everything was cool. The second one, no
matter what I do, I cant get the drive lights to shut off (well, i turn the
server off and the lights go off, but you know what i mean). all 4 of my
drives have both the activity and fault light lit up. All the time. I cant
tell when there is I/O on the disks, nor can I identify them with a flashing
light throught the ServeRaid manager, becuase they are already turned on.

I have unplugged the drives, and reset the controller to its default
settings, then plugged the drives back in and updated the controller config
from the drives.
I have booted from the SR7.10B CD, and set all the drives to be defunct,
killed the logical drive, then brought the drives back and reconfigued the
volume .. and still the lights wont go out.

Has anyone seen this, and by chance know the answer ?


- NuTs

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