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Networking OSX with 8600 running 8.6 and Wallstreet running 9.1

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      01-23-2004, 05:21 PM
Hi There--

Am getting a new computer running OSX. My 8600 I would like to keep
for its RCA and serial inputs as I have equipment that likes such
things. I also have a wallstreet.

I have one monitor.

I would like to hook up all of these computers.

Over the last year, I've had a USB/Firewire card on the 8600 resulting
in frequent crashes and slow performance. When I get the new computer
I'm going to yank the card, wipe the HD and put it back to OS 8.6,
which was the last time it worked well.

Is there a special kind or router that I need to get?

I remember that, when I worked somewhere else, all I had to do to my
laptop was turn on appletalk and it was easy to get working.

I suspect that it won't be that simple. Is there a website where I can
read about how to do this? I've been searching usenet and the
questions I'm finding relate to networking macs to PCs.

If I have several firewire hard drives coming out of the OSX computer,
and the 8600 is networked, will I be able to fileshare? Would I be
able to input video into the 8600 and send it to a firewire through
the network?

I'm completely clueless about this. Any sites that anyone can
recommend for the newbie?


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