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New hd install

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      12-26-2011, 01:18 AM
Well disk went in a Dimension E520 smoothly with only physical drawback
being need a 90 degree data connector else end projects out far enough
inteferes with side cover.

Put in a 1Tb as 2nd hd to augment 250Gb already in unit. Disconcerting to
see so few power connector leads off the power supply, e.g. required a "Y"
adapter to have enough.

Only other "gotcha" was enabling the Sata channel in BIOS as one had to
first "Initialize" the hd before Windows would format it. Using Vista so
might not always been required. That task is tricky, requiring you to right
click on the bottom pain in Disk Management in the left hand part of the
graphics represents the disk. The larger right hand part right click doesn't
offer it.

Then seemingly endless regedit's after moving a few things from C: to D:.

All seems well so far. Debating to leave now as is or instead swap the two
making the larger disk the sys disk. Means imaging both to an external etc.
etc. but also means having to deal with the two partitions on the primary
for Dell Uitlity and something else yet to be determined. Primary has over
150Gb free so no need for haste and likely will wait awhile before trying

Thanks for help earlier regarding Sata settings etc. other than enabling
channel in Bios all else was left as is.

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