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New motherboard - no beep, no video

Sanjay Kumar
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      12-01-2006, 02:18 PM
Folks !

I just got X8DBE+ motherboard to setup a dual-core Xeon server. After
installing 1 CPU, 2 X 2GB FBDIMMs and connecting power -
I see POWER LED light green on the motherboard, CPU/heatsink heats up,
Power supply fan turns - but I get no video output (LCD or CRT) and no
POST beep.

Same thing happened with the previous motherboard I tried (Tyan +
Opteron 265). They said it was some kind of short circuit but even when
I tried running outside the chassis the problem didn't go away. I had to
return it.

I have tried running outside chassis with this motherboard too. I am
wondering if there is something about handling high end server
motherboard that I should know. Or is it that things being so new,
compatibility is suspect. Motherboard manual says you have to install
memory 4 modules at a time for interleaving (whats interleaving ?) but
then it also says 2 modules is ok (without interleaving). I have checked
the PCB revision is 2.01 which is required for Woodcrest 5100 series CPU.

Any help would be appreciated.


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