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New motherboard suggestion please?

Big McLargehuge
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      08-11-2005, 05:16 PM
I built a rig about a year and a half ago using the Asus P4PE mobo.
I've been using a Promise ATA100 controller card with 2 IDE drives and
suddenly, as of a few days ago the BIOS won't recognize the card or
the drives. I plugged the drives into the onboard IDE interface and
the BIOS still will not see them. I then went out and got a serial ATA
drive to test with the onboard SATA interface and still nothing
recognized. Obviously something is wrong. Rather than diagnose the
MoBo I figure I'm just going to replace it (if the controller is wonky
there's nothing I can do anyway).
so, i'm looking for advice as to which MoBo to get. I still want to
use all my old hardware for now, but would like to be able to upgrade
in the future as I get the cash.
so i currently have a Pentium 4 2.8GHz CPU, IDE and/or serial drives,
1G of PC2700 memory, GF Ti4600 AGP video card (I want to get a new
video card in the next few months and am willing to pay up for a good
one), SB live audio card, standard DVDR & CDR drives, etc...
I'm on the fence about PCI Express, I want to keep my current AGP
video card for 4+ more months, but I'm a gamer and am looking to
upgrade to a good card and this will effect my decision.
so... any suggestions for good boards that will allow me to use my
current hardware (AGP vid card,PC2700 memory, P4 2.8GHZ cpu, & IDE
and Serial drives)? I'm not necessarily married to Intel over AMD, but
since I don't have the $$$ for a new CPU right now I guess I have to
stay w/ an Intel type board.
any help is greatly appreciated, BTW I currently have an Antec case w/
350W power supply if that effects any pot3ential MoBo suggestions.
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