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New Performance PC Build - Got A Great Deal On 2 8800GT's, No Options For Mobo's?

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      12-13-2007, 09:52 AM
Due to some recently developing issues with my aging pc, I have to make the move to build a new system sooner than I had hoped (wanted to hold out until Penryn's were readily available).

To start things out, after getting a call from a friend about an amazing deal, I grabbed 2 8800GT's earlier tonight, expecting that running those in SLI would cover my needs for continued gaming with World of Warcraft and Hellgate London.

Now, after doing a lot of research tonight, it would seem that there is no motherboard worth buying that supports SLI, and also would run 45nm procs. It would appear I might have made a big mistake with my purchase of the 8800GT's. Is there any hope?
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