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No Sound From Front Speakers

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      09-07-2003, 12:19 PM

I had to build a system for my father in law. I used my 4 channel speaker
system and plugged in the front channel speakers into his SoundBlaster 16
ISA card to just make sure he was getting sound. It was loud but otherwise
it worked. I plugged my system back in, plugged my front channel speakers
into my Audigy 2 sound card and the system boots and it finds everything but
I am not getting any sound at all. I've unplugged the card and put it back
in and unplugged the speaker cords as well. The speakers are getting power
and Windows XP says there is a sound card and no problems encountered but
alas, no sounds. ..I ran the diagnostics program and when it tests the
speakers, I only get sound from the rear channels

Suggestions? That old sound card couldn't have "fried" my speakers, could it

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